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Hanging Wren House
Dimensions: 7-1/2" high x 7-3/4" wide x 7-1/2" deep

House Wrens occupy the northern two-thirds of the United States and parts of Canada. They breed in forest edges, shrub lands, swamps, fields, farmlands and suburban parks. Most birds prefer a stable house, but House Wrens don't mind a gentle movement. Our Hanging Wren House hangs easily with the metal chain from a tree or bracket and opens easily for clean-out. Wrens are notorious for filling up any conceivable nest cavity with twigs, regardless of whether they use the nest. Since male House Wrens build several nests for the female to choose from, hang several nest boxes at eye level on partly sunlit tree limbs. Wrens are sociable and will accept nest boxes quite close to your house.

House Wren nest boxes should be hung 5 to 10 feet high near trees or tall shrubs. Breeding season begins in late April for wrens living in the southern portion of their range and early May in the northern portion.

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